my Greek experience

I never thought I would see so much of Athens! I had spent one day in Athens when I was 13 but I hadn’t seen much other than the Acropolis. Going back to the Acropolis almost 7 years later and I saw a complete change in the ancient buildings. The temple of Athena was completely different as well as the Theaters. It added a beauty that I did not appreciate as a teenager. Then seeing how much the Greek people loved their country was astonishing too. Men willingly join the Military and wear frilly little dresses and stomp around with such honor and dignity. I showed photos and video to my mother and she said that she could not believe that these men let themselves be recorded in their uniforms let alone get photographed. Watching the changing of the guard these men stomped and strutted with such detail that I could not believe it. They stepped very harshly on their left legs that I almost think that the soldiers must have really strong left calves. Of course not all the Greeks were perfect country loving soldiers. Being a kid no one expects to sell anything to you so they leave you alone. Of course being the adult I am I got harassed to buy things and even had a man grab my arm and force a bracelet onto me even though I told him that I didn’t have any money. It was trying and a little annoying to say ohee, no thank you, or even a get away from me over and over again. But even the souvenir pushers didn’t prevent me from buying amazing things that I could not buy in the US. Out of everything that I bought in Greece, my favorite thing were the two pairs of Poet sandals I had made. One pair looked very Ancient Hellanic while the other has a modern twist and even a flower on it. I have worn them nonstop since I’ve gotten home and they have become my go to shoes for everything. They are so well fit and seeing them being changed just to fit my own feet made them all that special. No one else not only in the group or the US but even in existence will have the same sandals that I own right now. I just had to get more than one pair they were so cute and unique. I wish I could live there nonstop.


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