Greece in so many words: Breanna

The place I enjoyed the most was a restaurant called Maidrano’s. The place was an outside and inside, but I like to eat outside to enjoy the scenery of Greece. This restaurant made you feel so welcomed whenever you arrived. They staff was so friendly and kind, they wanted every guest they had to feel like they were at home. They made conversation with us and let us know that the culture isn’t so unfriendly. They let us know that even though we are from another culture they still like us and respect us. I loved how they didn’t rush us out of the pace and they wanted us to take our time. They let us talk and just enjoy our food. What helped with the family atmosphere was that the restaurant was family owned. That made it feel more special that you knew you were being treated as well as their family. Family is really important to them so, it was awesome that we got to experience a little of what they have. If the family atmosphere doesn’t draw you in the food definitely will. The food is amazing and is it cheap. The food portions are huge and it’s more bang for your buck. The food was like nothing I had ever tasted before. The ingredients they used were fresh, they always used what they grew in their garden.

A characteristic I noticed was how helpful they were. The place I first noticed it was at Maidrano’s. If we didn’t know how to pronounce a word they would help us. They were always ready to move stuff out of our way on the table. They directed us to the bathrooms, even though it was kind of creepy in that basement. Some other Greeks we meet told us not to be afraid to try new things no matter what people had said. They said that yes the place has changed but, it is still a good place to be. The other people we got to interact with us these little old shop ladies and they always made us feel welcomed. They made me feel like I was being taken care of, whenever we were in their shop they were so helpful telling us the prices and making sure to help us if we needed anything. They always gave us the same advice keep your money close, because a pretty girl like you shouldn’t get it stolen. They were always so happy when we walked in their shop, they would say, “Oh our girls are back!” I liked how people we didn’t even make friends with would help us, they were always willing to hold open the metro for us or just shoo away the venders. They weren’t the typical greek and it showed that us that some are different.

An activity was visit the Archeological site and Museum of Kerameikos, I absolutely loved this site.  It was exactly the trip I wanted to take. I wanted to know how the dead were honored when they passed. I learned so much, the bigger the monument you had built the richer you were. At the site they had built a real life bull next to someone site. It would have been nice if you would have read who the person was and they passed. It would have been really helpful if they put it in English, so people from another country could read it. I liked how on the graves there were pictures, to me it almost looked gospel like because there would be a “Christ” figure and two other people around or next to him. I thought that was interesting, and there were a lot of tall picture less tombs. Another thing I was learned was the richer were the closer you got to be buried by the street so as you were leaving Athens people would see your grave and were hopefully impressed. I learned that they bury the women with jewelry and/or cooking materials. I liked how the women wanted to still be dresses up even when they passed. It amazes me how much they cared about their image, even when they are no longer there.

All Over

All Over

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