Greece Trip- Jaque Beck

Going to Greece for the first time was such an amazing experience. One thing that impressed me the most during my visit was probably the culture. The Athenians might not realize this because they are living there and seeing these views everyday of their lives. Just walking around the streets and seeing the Parthenon every single day and walking past ancient ruins and is not exactly something that happens daily in the United States. One thing that impressed me was the whole area of the Acropolis. It was really interesting to hear all of the different stories about how certain buildings went up and why certain theaters were created. Also, it was really interesting to see how these buildings and structures were still standing today. When we were visiting the Parthenon it seemed like there was a lot of construction going on to help keep it standing and it must be very difficult to keep up with all of the different structures to keep them up and allow tourists from all over the world to see these beautiful ancient buildings. Another place that impressed me greatly was the Theater of Dionysus. Being able to go in and actually sit in the seats that many people had sat in centuries ago was an incredible experience. You could actually picture what it was like watching plays there long ago and also learning about the different types of plays that were performed and what kind of people would perform and watch the plays. I do not think a lot of the Athenians appreciate all of the history that surrounds their daily lives.

A characteristic that I found compelling when in Greece was how nice and open the people were there. Of course there was a few people who disliked Americans, or disliked the fact we could not speak Greek, that I encountered during our trip but for the most part everyone was extremely nice. The people at the restaurants, the people working at the hotel, and our tour guides were probably some of the nicest people I have every met. One person in particular would be Christina. No matter where we went or what we needed help with she would be there if we needed any assistance. As shown in the video we brought her some of our American culture by showing her the “Body Party” dance by Ciara. I also noticed that a lot of people were just happy with what they did, or they were always in a good mood. Also shown in the video are some musicians playing at the side of the road. A lot of people there, especially around the tourist areas were always using different ways to get money, but no matter what they were doing they were still happy with what they were doing. Even if you had a question about getting to a certain place you could stop and ask any person and they would help you, and a lot of the times that is not the case in America.

An activity that I found that was extremely cool and that Greeks may not appreciate all the time is all of the different islands you can travel to. During the trip we ventured to the island of Agestri. It was amazing there, everyone was really nice and the beach and the water was beautiful. It was also really cool how the island was not that really crowded or there was not a lot of tourists there, I could not even imagine being able to live there. Even though we only had that one day to travel to one of the islands, I could probably spend a whole trip just going around the different islands around Greece. There are literally hundreds of different islands to visit and I am not really sure if the Greeks take advantage of this.

There were so many things that I learned during this trip and made so many unforgettable memories. It was kind of a culture shock and I could not imagine how different it would be growing up in a place like Athens. It would be so different, but it also made me realize how fortunate I am to live where I live, but I will never forget the new friends in memories I made in Athens, Greece.

-Jaque Beck


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